(EN) About

I am a lecturer in communication science at the University of Lorraine and a member of the “Centre de recherche sur les médiations”, a multidisciplinary laboratory involving more than 200 researchers and 90 PhD students. I conduct my research in a team called “Pixel” which is specialized in the study of the changes caused by the digital technologies in such varied areas as education, journalism, game design, creative industries…

I earned my PhD in communication science from the University of Lille in 2015. My thesis was about the role of social media in the dissemination of knowledge. I focused on blogs managed by librarians, archivists and researchers in LIS (Library and Information Science). I analysed the way they were sharing information and experiences and building their digital identity. I also published a book about these issues in 2016.

My current work still focuses on social media, but, now, I study them as common places where cyberbullying occurs. I analyse the existing link between school bullying and cyber bullying, the nature and extent of cyberbullying, and the effectiveness of a variety of cyber bullying prevention strategies. The book I have just published (July 2019) dealing with these issues : “(cyber)harcèlement : sortir de la violence à l’école et sur les écrans”.